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From Switchboard Operator To Business Woman

Pervin Akarsu, who started his career as a switchboard operator at Türk Telekom and rose to the regional specialization manager in the institution where he worked for 33 years, exports to 3 continents with the medical textile company he founded with his sons after his retirement.

Pervin Akarsu, who started working as a switchboard operator at Türk Telekom and retired as the regional specialization manager from the institution where he worked for 33 years, brought the medical textile company he founded with his two sons to the level of exporting to 3 continents in 3 years.

Akarsu, the founder of AKMEDA, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he graduated from the department of business administration.

Stating that he retired from Türk Telekom as the regional specialization manager, which he entered after passing the power plant operator exam, Akarsu stated that he dreamed of traveling around the world and returned to business life with the suggestion of his two sons, one of whom had an engineering education in textile and the other in biomedical.

Akarsu, who stated that they established their company in 2016, described going into business life as “the second spring of life in business life instead of retirement”.

“90 percent of our employees are women”

Akarsu stated that as the daughter of a farmer family with 6 children, she worked in the fields, grazed lambs and collected dung in her youth, adding, “One day when I was collecting dung, I saw an airplane and I was very impressed. At that moment, I made my decision and said to myself, ‘Either you will collect dung here for the rest of your life, or you will try and study and get on that plane one day,’ and I have come this far today.” said.

Stating that women should realize their inner power, Akarsu said, “The more women working in a society, the more prosperous, democratic and powerful country emerges. For this reason, 90 percent of our staff are women.” she spoke.

“Our goal is to be a world brand”

Pointing out that the global trade volume in medical textiles is at the level of 6 billion dollars annually, Akarsu expressed that they aim to “become a world brand”. Pervin Akarsu said, “We have produced and are producing medical textile products at international standards that can enter the markets all over the world.” used the phrase.

Stating that their products are used in 35 cities, Akarsu said that they sell to Kuwait, Georgia, Iraq, Morocco and Austria, and that their negotiations are continuing with South America, the Gulf and other European countries.

Akarsu, who stated that according to the data of the Ministry of Health, approximately 4 million surgeries are performed annually in Turkey, drew attention to the use of disposable medical textile products in half of them.

Akarsu added that they aim to sell products to all of Turkey and 60 countries by 2023.

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